Privacy Policy

IGSA, LLC is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and others who visit the IGSA, LLC Website ("Visitors"). This Privacy Policy sets forth the policy with respect to the privacy of information IGSA, LLC obtains from its Visitors on the IGSA, LLC Website.

1. IGSA, LLC'S COLLECTION AND USE OF INFORMATION. When a Visitor accesses the IGSA, LLC Website, the IGSA, LLC Website captures, records and retains general data about such Visitor's usage of the IGSA, LLC Website including, without limitation, the Visitor's domain name, the name of the web page from which the Visitor entered the IGSA, LLC Website, the locations the Visitor visits within the IGSA, LLC Website and the amount of time the Visitor spends on each page of the IGSA, LLC Website (collectively, "Tracking Information"). IGSA, LLC may use such information to determine the demographics of Visitors and to develop (and maybe distribute to third parties) statistics and general information about the IGSA, LLC Website.

2. COOKIES. "Cookies" are pieces of data sent from a Web server to a Web browser that enable a Web server to identify users that visit a site hosted by the server. IGSA, LLC uses Cookies in order to identify Visitors and Visitors to the IGSA, LLC Website so that IGSA, LLC can provide more customized information and services to its Visitors. To disable the use of Cookies by your browser, review your browser's preferences and options.

3. OTHER INFORMATION. As a Visitor, you may choose to send IGSA, LLC a question via e-mail, register for a special service or otherwise communicate with IGSA, LLC. IGSA, LLC uses such information to communicate with Visitors and to enhance the IGSA, LLC Website to better meet the needs of Visitors.

4. AGGREGATE DATA. IGSA, LLC reserves the right to: (a) extract information that does not identify specific Visitors or specific transactions (collectively, "Aggregate Data") from the Tracking Information, Cookies, and other information collected on the IGSA, LLC Website; and (b) use or disclose such Aggregate Data for internal and/or commercial purposes. Visitor hereby grants IGSA, LLC and its third party agents and suppliers an unrestricted, exclusive, perpetual and no cost right to develop, relicense, sell, analyze, use and exploit Aggregate Data in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Privacy Policy.

5. RIGHT TO "OPT OUT". Visitors may choose whether to receive unsolicited marketing communications from the IGSA, LLC Website. If a Visitor does not want to receive unsolicited special offers or similar information from the IGSA, LLC Website, it should contact IGSA, LLC and request to "opt out" of such unsolicited marketing opportunities. Upon receipt and processing of an "opt out" request, IGSA, LLC will not in the future send the requesting Visitor such unsolicited marketing communications.

6. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY CONCERNING SECURITY. IGSA, LLC and its third party agents and suppliers are not responsible for the risk of loss, misuse and alteration of any information under IGSA, LLC's control and/or on the IGSA, LLC Website, and IGSA, LLC is not responsible for any damages or liabilities relating to any security failures

7. PROCEDURE FOR CORRECTING AND ACCESSING INFORMATION. Visitors can access their Registration Information, Visitor Transaction Information and other appropriate company identifiable information collected by the IGSA, LLC Website by contacting IGSA, LLC. If a Visitor believes there are factual errors in such information, the Visitor may contact IGSA, LLC and specify the alleged errors. IGSA, LLC will take reasonable efforts to verify and correct any factual errors within a reasonable time.

8. MODIFICATION OF PRIVACY POLICY. IGSA, LLC may update or amend this Privacy Policy at any time.

9. HOW TO CONTACT IGSA, LLC. Visitors may contact IGSA, LLC with questions regarding this Privacy Policy at: