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The United States Welding Works Company began as a partnership in 1924 by Charles Lofgren and Adam Schmick. The original, small store was located in downtown Denver. The two men specialized in welding which, at that time included anything from difficult welding jobs to receiving parts and machinery in need of repair from all over the Rocky Mountain Region. From time to time customers asked if they would stock oxygen and acetylene to aid them in their welding jobs. Recognizing this opportunity, United States Welding Works Company was formed in 1928 as a supply house for atmospheric gases and welding supplies. 

The company continued to grow prior to and during World War II. In 1947, the founders sold the company to the sons of Charles Lofgren, Robert Lofgren Sr. and Walter Lofgren. The operation included routes over the entire state of Colorado, western Kansas and Nebraska with a branch in Casper, Wyoming. In the early 1950’s Robert Lofgren Jr. was brought onboard as a salesman. In 1954 Robert Sr. suffered a stroke and his son Robert Jr. immediately took over management of the company and remained the CEO until 2000.

Under Robert Lofgren Jr’s tenure the company accomplished significant growth. He used the momentum started by the founders of the company and the growth of the nation as a whole to propel United States Welding Works forward with new stores and a new name, United States Welding, Inc.

Today we have 16 branches strategically located in the Rocky Mountain Region assuring product availability and quick delivery to our customers in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. 

In 2000 the company again changed hands but remained in the Lofgren family. Rick and Kathy Lofgren bought the company from Robert and Barbara Lofgren. Kathy and Rick met in graduate school while both pursuing MBA’s. Kathy spent the first part of her professional career negotiating land deals for oil and gas drilling while Rick honed his vision for our future while learning every aspect of the atmospheric gas business. Together they bring many years of business expertise to the company and a diversified skill set with complimentary knowledge and experience.

We remain an atmospheric gas provider but we continue to evolve as we take advantage of the changing business environment. We recently acquired a successful CO2 beverage business with a customer base in the Denver metro area, Greeley, Colorado Springs and the Western Slope. This acquisition brings a broader market penetration with a larger share of the beverage gas business in restaurants in our geography. We continue to supply liquid nitrogen to the oil and gas fields for enhanced oil and gas recovery in our region. Several years ago we acquired Mountain Aire Medical as part of our strategic, diversified market expansion in durable medical equipment. We anticipate growth in the medical goods market and we are well placed to take advantage of that growth. We also manufacture acetylene gas used in welding and cutting and we remain one of the few manufacturing facilities in the United States producing this specialized product.

We will continue to focus on our specialty gas customers as a growth area. As a high quality specialty gas provider we have the capacity to rapidly fill even the most sophisticated of gas mixtures either in house or by using outsourced quality providers. 

Today, we remain a family owned business. Our belief in flawless execution of customer service is the backbone of our growth. We continue to be vigilant in meeting the demands of our diversified customer base. Our focus on customer needs is the foundation to delivering unmatched customer service as we plan for, and move toward a bright and exciting future. 








Name: Clark Hanson
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