Toll Gas & Welding Supply



On January 1, 1945, Mr. H.R. Toll (Bob) opened his business office, which was a rented desk in a St. Paul public warehouse.  At the end of the first year, the H.R. Toll Company was incorporated and moved into a former saloon in Minneapolis.  Just selling equipment and welding supplies was not enough, so in 1948 a Union Carbide distributorship for the Twin Cities was secured.  One truck route operated within a 40-mile radius of Minneapolis.

To keep accounts straight, Bob bought an expensive bookkeeping machine.  This was the beginning of the Toll Tabulating Company that operated for many years.

In 1951 the company acquired 280 feet of frontage, overlooking the Mississippi River on Nicollet Island, and constructed a building there. Toll expanded into the fields of cryogenics and specialty gases and the third company, Toll Cryogenics Inc., was started.

These three companies outgrew the “Island Store,” so in 1960 a building was rented at 1809 East Hennepin Avenue from the Union Carbide Corporation.  Toll Welding had expanded with more trucks and acquired stores and agencies around the Twin Cities area for the convenience of their many customers.

Toll Company moved to 451 Taft Street Northeast in December of 1984. When Toll outgrew this location 10 years later, a building was secured at 3005 Niagara Lane in Plymouth.  The move was made over Memorial Weekend in 1994.  This present location is Toll’s largest. Encompassed in this building are the warehouse, showroom, demonstration room, laboratory and supplies for every facet of the industrial gas and welding industry.

In 1997, a state of the art palletized, cylinder-filling facility was built and two bulk cryogenic trailers were added to the existing fleet.

In early 1998, the construction of propane pumping facilities began. This project was completed in December.  1998 also brought the capabilities of building and installing bulk tanks, pipeline and cryogenic services for Toll’s customers.

In February 1999, Toll finished installing calibrated gas analyzers and started pumping analyzed, up to ultra high purity argon, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.  At the same time the installation of helium pumping facilities was completed.  We added propylene pumping capabilities in April 2000.

At the very end of 2002 Toll acquired Capitol City Welding Supply of St. Paul, MN.  This venture expanded Toll’s capabilities to service its customers and added another retail distribution location.



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