Purity Cylinder Gases


Purity Cylinder Gases was incorporated in 1938. The founders and first officers of the company were Edward Butterfield, Glen Garman and Howard Sweet. These original officers were also involved in the formation of the National Welding Supply Association. The company is a charter member. Glen Garman served as president of the NWSA in 1950 and other Purity employees have remained active in the association through the years. Purity is a supporting member of the American Welding Society, several Chambers of Commerce and others who promote worthwhile business activities and community services.

Purity Cylinder Gases Inc. is fully independent and locally owned. We have been supplying Michigan and Northern Indiana with industrial and medical gases, safety equipment, specialty gases and industrial supplies for 70 years. All of our ten locations are distribution hubs with self serve showrooms. 

We have recently built a new state of the art palletized filling facility, a new specialty gas plant and lab and a new medical gas filling plant. Purity also owns and operates the only acetylene plant in Western Michigan. We manufacture and fill not only industrial grades of acetylene, but also atomic grade for use with laboratory equipment. Purity owns and operates it’s own cryogenic transports, picking up liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon directly from the air separation plants. Because our transports are based in Grand Rapids, our response time is a fraction of our competitor’s.

Our bulk gas specialists can design and install a turn key gas delivery system that will fit the specific needs of your business. Along with our full time automation and department, Purity is truly equipped to provide you excellent service with all your gas and hardgood needs.



Name: Bruce Spaanstra
Email: bspaanstra@puritygas.com
Telephone: 616-532-2375
Website: www.puritygas.com