O.E. Meyer


oe meyer

The O.E. Meyer Co. has been in business since 1918. In 1989, the company became employee owned with the completion of the sale from Omar Meyer. At that time, we had approximately 58 employees. Today, we have two business units within our company, industrial and healthcare. Combined, we have approximately 155 employees.

In 1997, we purchased 10 acres and built a 16,500 sq.ft. filling plant in 1999. We have the capability to pump all standard industrial products which includes pumping high pressure Nitrogen and Helium. We also deliver liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and Propane. Our distribution fleets, consisting of approximately 40 delivery units, provide weekly service to approximately 25 counties of Ohio. In 2001, we designed and built a 44,000 sq.ft. retail and office building. Within this building, we have a trained staff of service technicians capable of servicing all major brands of equipment, burning machines and robotic arms.  On December 5, 2002, our company earned ISO Q9001-2000 certification.

Our sales force is extremely proficient in all aspects of the welding and cutting industry.  They also possess the skill set to identify automation opportunities enabling our customer base to maintain their competitive advantage in their marketplace.

As an employee owned company, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and community while maintaining the highest professional standards.



Name: Craig Wood
Email: cwood@oemeyer.com
Telephone: 419-625-3054
Website: www.oemeyer.com