Mississippi Welders Supply



Mississippi Welders Supply Company opened its doors in 1939, and now covers a region encompassing SE Minnesota, NE Iowa, western and central Wisconsin. Our nine store locations, 52 stockpoints, and 126 employees work to bring our customers the best value for their money.

Situated in the picturesque Mississippi River Valley, our main location in Winona, MN includes a fill plant, specialty gas lab, warehouse, and corporate offices. Our fill plant handles cryogenic nitrogen, oxygen and argon, in addition to liquid carbon dioxide, mapp and helium gases.  We also deal with numerous other gases including, but not limited to, acetylene, hydrogen, xenon, krypton, neon, sulfur hexafluoride, compressed air, various protocol, laser and medical gas mixtures. Our specialty gas lab is capable of supplying pure and mixed gases in a variety of specifications to satisfy our customers’ needs. We also maintain liquid fill capabilities at several of our branch stores.

In addition to a fleet of heavy-duty delivery trucks, we operate several bulk cryogenic tankers. Mississippi Welders Supply provides expertise on the most efficient way to supply cryogenic and gaseous requirements, whether it be in high pressure cylinders, liquid dewers, or bulk cryogenic tanks. Our understanding of a full range of processes, from conventional welding to laser cutting, to food applications and electronics manufacturing, allows us to meet all of our customers needs.



Name: Bruce Nuttall
Email: brucen@mwsco.com
Telephone: 608-769-5008
Website: www.mwsco.com