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Haun Welding Supply has been providing welding equipment, gases, supplies, equipment rental and repair to the welding and gas industry for more than 50 years.

Haun has 17 locations throughout New York State, Vermont and northern Pennsylvania. Each location has a complete welding supply inventory and provides local delivery.

Haun supports their network of stores with a centralized gas fill plant in Syracuse, NY. That plant produces a variety of gases for industry that include standard, industrial, medical, and specialty gases. Its 100,000 + gas cylinders are equipped with passive transponders that aid in their tracking. Haun provides its customers with information about cylinder usage and cylinder location to assist in cylinder management, including the ability to identify non-moving cylinders.

A complete welding training center is also located in Syracuse, NY. They offer everything from the most basic to advanced techniques.

Contact Haun today for welding supplies, repair, or welding, medical, industrial and research gases.



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