Harris Industrial Gases


In 1936 Harold A. Harris opened Harris Welding, and for 78 years the business has remained in the family, owned and operated through three generations - never moved, never sold. The store on Auburn Boulevard is still located where the original Harris Welding shop stood. Our success is attributed to the tradition of providing personal services for companies both large and small. Keeping tradition alive and well, we plan on being around for another 78 years.

Today, Harris Industrial Gases is the largest independent provider of industrial gases and welding supplies in the Sacramento Valley and surrounding areas. Not only do we carry state-of-the-art welding supplies and equipment, we now supply many industrial, medical and specialty gases to hundreds of businesses all over Northern California.               

When you call Harris Industrial Gases, you won't get an automated menu selection on the phone; you'll deal with real people, friendly and familiar employees. That's because we've always prided ourselves on having long-term employees with little turnover. As a matter of fact, we know almost all of our customers by their first names - another Harris tradition.


Name: Tim Lettich
Email: tlettich@harrisgas.com
Telephone: 1-800-426-8910
Website: www.harrisgas.com