Central Welding Supply



Central Welding Supply was started in 1975 and is locally owned by the Wilton Family. In just over 35 years we have grown from one small Lynnwood store to nineteen locations and six operating divisions in the Puget Sound, employing over 185 professionals to serve your needs. As the largest locally owned welding and industrial gas distributor in the Puget Sound region we can be your low-cost single source supplier of safety, welding supplies, and industrial, bulk and specialty gases - but we continually strive for more. We provide our customers with the highest quality products, more inventory, a broader product line, the most experienced sales and technical support staff in the industry, in-house equipment repairs, equipment rentals, same day delivery service and much more.

At Central Welding Supply the word service is taken seriously. We don't care for the "bare minimum" inventory control used by our competitors. Our managers decide what inventory to stock in their stores taking into consideration their markets, cycles, and customer needs. We also work closely with our suppliers to make sure that those special products are supported in local or regional warehouses and that the supply chain is full and complete. All of this is designed to make your business with us as reliable and trouble-free as possible.

We operate over 100 delivery trucks in the greater Seattle market which are out on a daily basis to get you what you need fast and with no emergency charges. If for some reason those trucks are unable to deliver, each of our sales and technical staff drive a company owned pick-up truck - and they'd be happy to help. 

Central Welding Supply has the largest, most experienced sales and technical staff in our region. With so many people here to support you, getting an answer or remedying a problem is easily done. With years of industry experience, factory training, and a complete support network, there are few problems that they cannot solve.

Central Welding Supply features a fully-operational gas and liquid filling facility located at our North Lakewood/Smokey Point headquarters. We currently fill oxygen, nitrogen, argon, breathing air, helium, carbon dioxide, and industrial and beverage gas mixes in both cryogenic liquid and high-pressure gaseous forms, as well as certain specialty gases such as ultra high purity argon, nitrogen and helium. Many of our branch locations have the ability to fill propane, carbon dioxide and fuel gases, as well as liquid argon, nitrogen, oxygen. These additional fill sites expands Central Welding Supply’s unique ability to supply gases quickly and without hassle.

Central Welding Supply also has the experience and resources to assist customers with their cylinder management such as wireless telemetry, weekly route stop checks, monthly cylinder audits, internet-based volume reporting, and other services designed to help lower costs and meet anticipated supply needs.

Though all of these issues are important and pertinent we believe our strength is our understanding of your company, operations, staff, procedures, and equipment. The personal relationships we build with you and your staff stands as our biggest asset as a supplier.



Name: Mike Buell
Email: mikebuell@centralwelding.com
Telephone: 360-454-5540
Website: www.centralwelding.com