Butler Gas Products

People Delivering Solutions

Butler Gas Products is a safe, customer-focused manufacturer and distributor of packaged gas products and profitable solutions.  Founded by John A. and Mildred Butler in 1948, this independent distributor directly services western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, West Virginia, and western New York, and nationally services additional areas through its business aliance partners.  As a supplier of industrial, specialty, and medical gases, Butler Gas Products focuses on all forms of packaged gas, including microbulk and bulk deliveries.  Butler Gas Products also sells welding and safety supplies and related equipment to a diverse clientele.  Planning to excel as the packaged gas supplier of choice, Butler Gas Products drives sustainable customer growth and relationships, exceeding the company's 100 year plan on survival.



Name: Heather Ferrand

Email: heatherferrand@butlergas.com

Telephone: 800-860-2427 x302
Website: www.butlergas.com