Alliance Gas Products

Alliance Gas Products is dedicated to bringing quality products and highly reliable service to our customers. We are a family owned business, which prides itself on innovative solutions to our customers needs. We provide a wide variety of products from welding supplies and safety gear to cryogenic vessels and high purity gases.

Our family of retail stores includes seven locations throughout Northern California. Our geography served includes some of the strongest markets in North America. From the heavy industrial customers of the San Francisco Bay Area and the high tech companies of the Silicon Valley to the agricultural regions of the Salinas Valley and the Monterey Bay, we are there to serve customer needs. We have a cylinder re-qualification facility and a high pressure filling plant to provide quality control and immediate customer response. Our unique facilities and geography have helped to establish our reputation as a company who can routinely exceed customer expectations.

Our people are our greatest strength. Our staff is continuously trained on the latest technologies so that we are able to provide the best service and technical advise to our customers. We have specialists in cryogenics, welding applications, heavy industrial fabrication and high purity gases. With our mission to serve, our resources to support and our dedication to make it all happen, Alliance Gas Products is here to serve your needs now and into the future.


Name: Marvin Rodgers, III
Telephone: (510) 834-9353