The biotechnology industry is very complex and fast growing industry. Not only is the gas consumption increasing in this industry, but the quality standards are accelerating upwards. A wide spectrum of gases are being used in this industry for research, development, manufacturing, quality control and environmental compliance. Although the products vary with application, the integrity of the gas is of utmost importance for success in all of these areas.

The Industrial Gas Suppliers Alliance understands the challenges that exist for the biotechnology industry and strives to be the most customer-oriented supplier for industrial, specialty and medical gases in all packages. The Industrial Gas Suppliers Alliance partners draw from extensive national experience within the biotechnology industry for manufacturing and R&D. This expertise allows the Industrial Gas Suppliers Alliance to provide their customers with new opportunities to increase profitability, safety, and quality and to improve the environment. The Industrial Gas Suppliers Alliance is able to achieve this by providing customers access to national experience, yet provide local resources to effectively service all customers throughout the United States.